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The mobile apps looks pretty simple but still could raise some questions. We are sure that this documentation will answer most of your questions.


  • Login ScreenLogin Screen authorizes you in the system. Type your Login (username) and password and click "Login" button for authorization. The Login screen is standard for many mobile trading applications. Details are in .
  • Registration ScreenTo create a new account in Trader Mobile, please fill in the required information at the Registration Screen. Details are in .
  • Navigation
    • Icon Symbols GlossaryIcon
    • Tab BarTab Bar is designed for a one-click navigation between screens. Tab bar is available on all application screens and is the main navigation component of the application. Details are in .
  • Widgets
    • ChartTrader Mobile lets you analyze the market with built-in streaming charts. Tap a chart type icon (bar, candlestick, OHLC, Line or Area) to switch between different views. All chart types are updated in real-time. Tilt your mobile device (hold horizontally) to access full screen mode and take advantage of the unique features and settings, including - changing time frames, zoom in/out  and displaying your current position. Details are in Chart Widget
    • Market DepthThe Market Depth (DOM) displays bids and asks for a particular instrument at the currently best prices. Details are in Market Depth
    • News ScreenNews Screen is streaming in real time headlines from various online sources. The news feed is customizable and be connected to pretty much any source of your preference. Details are in News Widget 
    • Options Trading WidgetOptions is a screen for options trading in the mobile app. It displays the option chain (a form of quoting options prices by listing all available options for a given security). Details are in
    • Quote DetailsQuote Information for each security is conveniently displayed in Quote Widget. In a collapsed view a summary is displayed showing (see right column - Collapsed Mode). Expanded mode provides more detailed information and action buttons. Details are in
  • Quick SearchFor a quick trade or adding a symbol to the current watchlist, click the quick search bar on top of the screen and type in the security or company name. Details are in
  • Quotes ScreenQuotes Screen displays the list of securities in a current watchlist. Sort the list by Change % and find the Top Gainers any other way. Details are in
  • Watchlists ScreenWatchlists Screen is a place where you can manage all your watchlists (delete, edit, rename or create new ones). Details are in
  • Edit Watchlist ScreenIf you want to edit your current watchlist or add new columns to the Quotes Screen, this screen should helps you with that. Details are in .
  • Security Details ScreenIf you would like to know all information about security this screen will help you. Here you could find information about current price, daily volume, close price and many other interesting information. Details are in
  • Positions ScreenHere you could find the list of positions by current account with short information about each position. Also you could make a quick trades, sort your positions and see the total information about them. Details are in
  • Position Details ScreenSecurity Type, Market Value, Execution Price and other necessary information about your position you would find in this screen. Details are in
  • Orders ScreenHere you could find the list of orders by current account with short information about each order. Also you could make a quick trades, see orders stats and filter them by statuses. Details are in
  • Order Details ScreenOrder Status, Filled Date, Execution Price and other necessary information about your order you could find in this screen. Details are in
  • Account Info ScreenAll information about your account you could find in Account Info Screen. Also you could see the historical information about this account and change your current account. Details are in
  • Settings ScreenUse this screen if you want to change default values in the app. You can choose and set your Order Type, Duration, Quantity and other fields. These values will be used as default in all screens in the app. Also you could change the color theme or skip verification steps. Details are in
  • Trade TicketTrade Ticket is the main screen in the application. Here you can configurate your order. Set the order type, duration, quantity and other fields as you wish. Details are in
  • Option TicketOption Ticket helps you to create order with option as well as a multi-leg order. Details are in .
  • Verification ScreenThis screen is the last step before order will be placed. You could double check all order's fields and see the estimated cost of your order. Details are in
  • Price Alerts ScreenThis screen allow you to manage all you price alerts. You could create new price alert and modify active one, filter alerts by status and see alert information. Details are in .
  • Create Alert ScreenDetails are in .
  • Alert Details ScreenAlert Status, Condition, Expiration date and other necessary information about your price alert you could find in this screen. Details are in .

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