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  • Now watchlists could be managed via WEB API 2.0. Details are in WEB API DOC.
  • Added ability for Layout Management. See diagram below.
  • Widget designer supports to use variable %symbol% in title. See more details in Widget Designer
  • Removed ZVZZT from OATS reporting.
  • Added ability for integration with custom entitlement service. See more details in User Entitlements.
  • Now accesslink also works for disabled users.
  • Added ability to hide "Change Password" in User Settings/Profile via Company Management widget.
  • Now historical data could be requested via WEB API 2.0. Details are in WEB API DOC.
  • Now WEB API 2.0 supports 2factor auth via Email. Details are in WEB API DOC.
  • Now WEB API 2.0 allow to use @me instead of userid. Details are in WEB API DOC.
  • Added ability to add options to the watchlist via Option Chain widget.
  • Send the order's Description field in SMS, email and web pop up alerts (order executions, etc).
  • Improvements for online help & support - added tooltips and help hyperlinks.
  • Now WEB API 2.0 supports Trade Allocations. Details are in WEB API DOC.
  • Added audit for text templates changes
  • Changed default value for "Period" filter from "Last 7 Days" to "All" in Back Office.
  • Added ability to configure SSL mail server connection. Added checkbox "Is SSL" to Company Management widget.

  • EXT H Price and Marke columns are turned off in Positions widget by default.


1. Suspended and Stopped statuses no change to rejected status when execution venue off


1) premarket starts, after 8 minutes order has status new with message as reject
2) order has status stopped with message as reject


1) premarket starts, after 8 minutes order has status new and rejected (when market time starts)
2) order has status rejected

2. Charts are loading one by one.

Before: if we have 16 charts on the page it takes approximately about 16 sec to load all charts and all charts appear at the same time after 16 sec

Now: If we have 16 historical chart on the page it takes approximately about 1 sec to load data

3. Market status. Incorrect mapping of closed and Post-Market statuses.

Before: When it is Post-Market time there is 'Closed' in the header Market status and when it is Closed market time there is Post-Market in the header Market status

Now: Vice-versa

4. Overnight fees

Before: It charges commission only for long positions.

Now: It charges commission for short positions, too.

5. [OTO/OCO] Total Cost and Margin Change Cost are calculated incorrectly

Case: Account margin type = Margin; Initial/Maintenance Margin Rate = 50%

1. Check verification pop-up for Buy 40 shares of APPL Limit 95

    Total Cost = $2020
    Margin Change Cost = $1900
2. Check verificiation pop-up for Buy 60 shares of MSFT Limit 90
    Total Cost = $2820
    Margin Change Cost = $2700
3. Create OTO and OCO from these two orders, check their Total Cost and Margin Change Cost

Before: For both OTO and OCO Total Cost = $240 and Margin Change Cost = $0


  • Total Cost (OCO) = sum of Total Costs = $4840
  • Margin Change Cost (OCO) = max of Margin Change Costs = $2700
  • Total Cost (OTO) = sum of Total Costs = $4840
  • Margin Change Cost (OTO) = sum of Margin Change Costs = $4600

6. Non standard options with standart options shoud not combine in strategy

CaseCreate multileg with non-standart option as strategy. 

Before: Strategy name in combobox.

Now: Strategy with non-standart option is not strategy and show <choose a strategy> in combobox.

7. Incorrect icon for Complete status in BO

Before: Complete status has icon in red-green color. 

Now: Complete status has green icon.

8. Change icons for expired and stopped status

Before: Expired - red, Stopped - х 

Now: Expired - x, Stopped - ||

9. [Entitlements] Incorrect display of agreement state AnnualVerificationDue

Case: Login by user redrio333 !!!Don't sign agreement form. (Press "Next")!!! Look at the entitlement widget.

Before: Nyse, Nasdaq have state - realtime 

Now: Nyse, Nasdaq have state - AnnualVerificationDue 

10. [Chart]. Interval value is dropped to TDY when changing Symbol


1. Open Chart

2. Set a symbol
3. Change interval value to 500/1000/1500/2000 bars
4. Change teh symbol

Before: Interval value is dropped to TDY

Now: Interval value is not dropped

11. [Validation] Day Trading Buying Power Exceeded for Buy to cover order

Case:  Day trader account execute buy to cover order for the option when BP less than order cost.

Before: Order rejected with DayTradingBuyingPowerExceeded.

Now: Order validated fine. 

12. [WEB API 2.0] Error in case of incorrect sms code when login with 2factor auth


  • Try to login via Web Api
  • At the second step when sms code should be set, set incorrect code 

Before: Receive error message:

{ "message": "An error occurred while processing your request", "error": "Unexpected server error" }

Now: { CurrentStep = "SmsPassword", Reason = "Invalid SMS code" };

13. Contingent order can be executed without the validation

Case:  Create a contingent order and wait when it goes to suspend.

Before: Order will triggered just when market will open.

Now: Order will triggered when order conditions will be met.

14. Unstable work of the platform in case if both Trade and Option tickets are excluded from available.

Case:  Both Option ticket and Trade ticket are excluded from available for all the groups of current user.

  1. Login with the user
  2. Try to add to layout different widgets (e.g. account info, orders, backoffice), try to open 'User settings' dialog

Before: Platform doen't work.

Now: Correct work.

15. Non-checkbox access items values in the User-based level are being overwritten with Goups-based ones in case if we open Edit user dialog and click Ok.

Case:  User has his own AccountInfo glossary value set in the Edit user->Widgets dialog.

  1. Go to the Group management
  2. Edit a group of the user
  3. Set value for AccountInfo glossary access item and save
  4. Open Edit user dialog and click save
  5. Edit the group again (remove value for AccountInfo glossary access item and save)
  6. Open Edit user dialog and see value of AccountInfo glossary access item

Before: The user's own value is overwritten by Group-based one.

Now: The user's own value is not overwritten by Group-based one.

16. 'Account info' widget's header is broken.

Case:  Log in by a random user and find the account info widget.

Before: Header of widget is 'AccountInfo_default_'.

Now: Header should be 'Account Info'.

17. Cost basis wrong for all positions

Case:  Check cost basis after clearing.

Before: Cost basis took from Clearing file. 1/10 current values.

Now:  Correct cost basis values.

18. [OMS] place-trade-order Rest request ignore order verification

Case:  Place order via rest. Order must have validation - Option Buying Power < Margin Change

Before: Order placed.

NowOrder rejected with do not have enough Buying Power for trade.

19. Order go for review twice

Case:  Setup ORM Rule to send order for review (all stocks for example)

  1. Place stock order in non-market time (order go for review)
  2. Accept order (order status became suspended)
  3. Wait til order release

Before: Order go for review.

NowOrder go to execution venue.

20. Contract size is not used in Cost Basis calculation for options

Case:  Open an account with positions of option.

Before: Cost Basis = Quantity*AvgOpenPrice.

NowCost Basis = Quantity*AvgOpenPrice*ContractSize.

21. Chart and date range in 'Account Info'

Case:  Login or re-login and open 'Account Info' widget. 

Before: Date range - from today to today.

NowDefault range should be one year. Also, the start date should be remembered for the user.

22. Negative BaseCash and BuyingPower in account info widget

Case:  Open account info widget.

Before: Negative buying power.

NowPositive buying power and BaseCash.

23. Positions of Bonds and Forex have zero 'Mark' and 'Market value'

Case:  Open position of bonds or forex. Go to position widget.

Before: 'Mark' and 'Market value' are zero.

Now'Mark' and 'Market value' are non-zero.

24. Covered call reject

Case:  Sell to open 1 contract of yinn, covered call position being rejected.

Before: Rejected. ERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Order submission error.

NowOrder must be processed.

25. Paired options orders didn't reflect strategy logic


order to sell long option [SPY Nov 24 2017 W 258.5 Call]
placed on 11/17/2017
filled on 11/21/2017
order to sell short option [SPY Nov 2017 259.5 Call]
placed on 11/20/2017

Before: Second order (#634002) was accepted and queued for execution (11/20/2017) even though first order (#631658) wasn't yet filled.

NowSecond order should have been rejected instead.

26. [OMS] Suspended orders ain't released if you restart OMS shortly after premarket start


  1. Wait for premarket start
  2. Restart OMS service within delayForSendToExecutionDelayedOrdersAfterPreMarketOpenInSeconds timeframe 
  3. Wait till this timeframe ends

Before: Suspended order isn't released (set to New).

NowSuspended order was released. 

27. Account balance changes are not streaming


  1. LogIn
  2. Open AccountInfo and TradeTicket widgets
  3. Place order 

Before: Account balance data in the AccountInfo widget and in the header is not changed. 

NowAccount balance data changes are streaming. 

28. Auto logoff in IE 

Before: When customer logged in the first time and then timed out back to the logon screen, when trying to log on again it would load the paper trading screen then immediately log me off. This only occurred in IE and after resetting the browser it no longer occurred. 

NowWhen customer logged in the first time and then timed out back to the logon screen, when trying to log on again it would load the paper trading screen then immediately log me off. This only occurred in IE and after resetting the browser it no longer occurred. 

29. Primary phone in account holder table.


  1. Update AccountHolder set PrimaryPhone = '1234567890' where PrimaryPhone = 'n/a'
  2. Run Clearing
  3. Check Primary phone

Before: 'n/a'.


30. [Allocations] Problem with timeouts due allocations 

Case:  The client runs allocation tool on their side and gets a response that allocation failed. But allocations was completed, Client runs allocation one more time and it causes the wrong positions. 

Before: Timeout errors when allocation completed. 

NowNo timeouts, no error. Allocated fine. 

31. Enormous total cost for naked orders 

Case:  Try to place a naked call/put. 

Before: Enormous total cost. 

NowCorrect total cost. 

32. [Incident] [OMS] Option sell short position

Case:  $266 was the second option was sell in short (Client say that it must be rejected). So we have 4 short and  3 long positions for SPY options.




33. Agreements comes up 

Case:  Customer sign the annual verification many times and it appears every time they log in. 

Before: Every time the pop-up with agreements. 

NowNext window with the platform. 

34. [GroupManagement] OTO/OCO Ticket Widget permissions 

Case:  If I change "Allow OCO orders" or "Allow OTO orders" for "Administrators" group it will be the change for all user.

Before:  For DefaultGroup user OCO/OCO orders available. 

NowFor DefaultGroup user OCO/OCO orders NOT available. 

WebApi2.0. InternalUsers endpoint problems

Before: Not all fields could be updated via users endpoint. 

Now: All fields could be updated via users endpoint. 

Maintenance Margin Huge Value

[OMS] TotalCost for Multi-leg order

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