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1. Created API (set of dll) to integrate with custom QuoteProvider.

ETNA Trader allow to collect market data from your provider. So you could create your custom quote and market depth providers. Details are in Market Data.

2. Added ability to force clearing from BO.

3. Added property "contingent order" into ORM rules in BackOffice.

4. Added ability to type "-" character into symbol autocompleter.

Now user able to type "-" character into symbol autocompleter.

5. Orders widget. Change Stop/Limit price column values click action.

Before: Currently when we click at values of Stop/Limit prices in the Orders widget prefilled Trade Ticket popup with new order is being opened.

  1. Stop/Limit price values are not clickable for orders in final states (whick can't be replaced)
  2. When an order is not in final state and we click at Stop/Limit price replace order popup is being opened (like if we'd click at Replace button.)



1. [Positions] Create/Modify date isn't streamed after timezone changing.


  1. Place market VMSFT orde rto open a position.
  2. Add Created and Modified columns.
  3. Go to user setting and change timezone.

Before: Created and Modified columns weren't changed.

Now: Time in the columns was changed according to enabled timezone.

2. [OCO] After OCO goes to review, user can replace "problematic" order and create status incosistency.

Case validation rule sending certain order for review, e.g. "Qty greater than 99"; OCO enabled.

  1. place OCO:.
  2. first order Buy 90 shares, with price possible to fill.
  3. second order Buy 100 shares, with impossible price.
intermediate result: OCO status - Stopped, first order - Stopped, second order - Stopped.
replace second order, set Quantity = 95.

Before: OCO status - Stopped, first order - Stopped, second order - New; first order isn't filled when possible price comes.

Now: Both orders go through validation rules again; all statuses are set to New; first order may be filled.

3. OptionChain widget problems.


  1. Choose some set of option for any symbol and change its ExpirationTypes (e.g. using the SymbolLookup widget ) so that it would include all the available types (including Non-Standart).
  2. Open the OptionChain and input the underlying security symbol for chosen set of options.
  3. a) Set the ExpirationType filter value to 'Non-standart'.
    b) Set the ExpirationType filter value to 'All' and Expiration filter value to correspond to a value for non Regular options.


a) there are no 'Non-standart' options in the OptionChain. Note: there are no such an options at all without using filters as well
b) Every time there is empty result. So the filter is not working for non - regular options.


a) There are Non-standart options too if we have such an options available. The filter is working.

b) The filter is working for non-regular options too.

4. OptionTicketPopup. Default value for Duration is used from the settings for stocks.


  1. There is position for option in the Positions widget.
  2. UserSettings->Trading>-Stocks: Duration=Day.
  3. UserSettings->Trading>-Options: Duration=GTC.
  4. Click at the option name in the Positions widget.

Before: There is Day duration in the opened OptionticketPopup.

Now: There is GTC duration in the opened OptionticketPopup.

5. Position was not able to be deleted by clearing.

Case Manually add a position by BO (and this position should not exist in SOD files).

Before: The position will be not deleted with next wave of the clearing.

Now: The position deleted with next wave of the clearing.

6. Feedbacks. Error when sending the first feedback for newly created company.

 Case A company was just created.

  1. Go to the LogOn page of new company
  2. Click Help button
  3. Fill in the form and send.


  • There is an error in the form after some time. See the fig.
  • But feedback is being created (visible in the Support Tickets widget)
  • There is an error in FO logs:


  • No errors
  • The form is closed after sending 

 7. WebApi2.0. Incorrect CreatedDate for created/modified price alert.

 Case Use requests POST /v{version}/users/{userId}/pricealerts or PUT /v{version}/users/{userId}/pricealerts/{alertId}.


  •  response in case of creation: { "Id": 141, "State": 0, "CreatedDate": -62135596800, "Operator": "GTEQ", "SecurityId": 694510, "Field": "Last", "Argument": 1000, "ExpirationDate": 1510930571 }.
  • 'N/A' value in the Created column in PriceAlerts widget.

 Now: Correct value in the Created column in PriceAlerts widget.

8. Quote Service sometimes doesn't send quotes with custom quote provider.

 Before: The option chain quotes seem very inconsistent – many times we don’t see updates at all, but sometimes we do. When I was adding new watchlists yesterday, level 1 was not working for some symbols.

 Now: See all quotes for all securities.

9. MultiLayouts configuration. Need to prevent a situation when there is no way for admin to continue using an platform.

 Case There is shared layout with GroupManagement widget.

  1. Log in with admin.
  2. Activate the shared layout.
  3. Got to GroupManagement and unbind all shared layouts from all the groups.
  4. Refresh page.


  • Layout Sellector page is opened.
  • There are no layouts to choose (as they were unbinded).
  • So now there is no normal way to continue using platform (workarounds are: use DB to set layout; switch multilayouts off in config and then switch it back). 


  • There is possability for admin user to log in the platform from Layout Sellector without shared layouts. E.g. list of his private layouts might be included or something else.
  • In addition we restrict deletion of private layout if it is the only one.

10. Order stuck in Pending Cancel state.

Case Send cancel request for order in "Canceled" state.

Before: "PendingCancel" state.

Now: "Canceled" state.

11. Orders. Replace status tooltip with reason text one.

Case Send cancel request for order in "Canceled" state.

Before: When we hover a cursor over a status in the Status field in Order we get tooltip with status.

Now: When we hover a cursor over a status in the Status field in Order we get tooltip with reason text it it is available or nothing in case if there is no text.

12. Clearing does not work from BO.

Case Run cleaning from BO. 

Before: Clearing failed. 

Now: Clearing completed. 

13. Header. Servicies status tooltip. Typo in the first row.

Before: "Orders servcie". 

Now: "Orders service".

14. Welcome mail sending doesn't work if user was created via ETNA Rest service.

Case Create user via rest service. 

Before: Welcome email wasn't sent. 

Now: Welcome email was sent.



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