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  • Improved concept of color themes and added new ones: gold, oil, gas, steel, copper. 
  • We improved Watch Lists and Settings screens. Now Watch List screen displays the number of securities and first few items from particular list. Also we adapted the Settings screen to make it look like Android default settings screen.
  • All chooser screens were improved.


  • You have a watchlist with many symbols and sometimes you think that will be good to mark symbols with your positions. So now order and position flags will be displayed in symbol card if you have an active order or position to this symbol. That means that position flag will gone if you close your position.
  • Display number of shares in 'go to position' action button. So If you have position for particular symbol the app will display position's quantity in quote details.
  • Now you could add options to your watchlist from option chain. Just select options and click to the  icon. Also you could click to  icon and add a particular option from quote details.


  • Added comment field in Trade screen
  • Added quote timestamp in Verify Order popup 


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