The long awaited Price Alerts added. Set up price alerts per security from your watchlist, or go to the Price Alerts screen and use quick search to add new alerts. Pick from LAST, BID, ASK, choose condition, price value and an expiration date. Control all your alerts from the Price Alerts tab: modify, pause/resume or cancel active alerts, or take a look at the history of triggered alerts. Alerts are synced in real time with the web platform. With such an advanced functionality, you are sure not to miss any investment opportunity. Make faster and better trading decisions with ETNA Trader Mobile Trading Application from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are.


Trade Options button was added to Options Tab for better mobile trading experience.


Terms and Definitions link added to Account Setting Screen. Whether you are a beginner trader, or an experienced investor switching from other trading software this link will help to clarify terms and names of the tabs in ETNA Trader Mobile.